How to Promote Blog via Facebook?

Nowadays social networking sites have become one of the most useful methods to receive pageviews on a blog post and hence Facebook. But, how can one promote his/her blog in a better way on Facebook and receive maximum page views? Let’s have a look at some necessary points required for it:

Create a Facebook page for your blog

Yes, a Facebook fan page is the basic requirement for a blog to promote it. Not only creating a fan page, but also updating it regularly is necessary. As soon as a new post is published on your blog, it should have been posted on the page with an excerpt. I am forcing on the word excerpt, as it makes your post more attractive. Anyone having a Facebook profile can create a Facebook fan page. Every user cannot visit your blog every time, but when you post it on a fan page, it will appear on the user’s timeline(who has liked it) and finding it useful, he/she will visit your blog.

How to promote your Facebook page

You can promote your fan page by inviting your friends to like your page firstly. Initially, your page does not have much audience, but as the content on your blog increases, visitors increases and hence your page fans. You may follow the following methods:

  1. Invite your Friends.
  2. Link your fan page on your blog, so other readers (may be from search engine or others) will also like your page and receive future updates.
  3. While sharing a post in a group, link it with your fan page (will be discussed below).
  4. Use the fan page only for genuine posts, not spamming.
  5. You may ask other page owners to promote your fan page via their pages.
  6. Don’t forget to link your page when you write a guest post, so that readers of that blog will also approach to your blog.
  7. Update your profile as an admin of your fan page.
  8. You can promote your fan page worldwide by creating an ad but you will have to pay to facebook for it.

Sharing your article in different groups

You can share your article in different groups, which contain loyal readers for your content and a large audience. Along with this article, don’t forget to tag your page, so that new readers will like your page also. You can also create a group of your own where you can post your blog content, but don’t forget to allow others also to share, as it will help you to make a good communication with other bloggers and readers.

Update your profile with blog address

Keep your Facebook profile updated with your blog address, so any profile visitor will come in contact with your blog. Add your job as CEO, Founder or Admin of your fan page, so that visitors will open your fan page curiously.

Keep yourself connected with other bloggers

May be, you are facing a huge competition in the blogging field these days, but believe if your contacts with other bloggers are good, your blog will also progress. To contact other bloggers, you can add them as your friends on Facebook. Discuss with them. It does not give you ideas only, but you will come to know how other bloggers think. You can share their content and the same they will do for you. This will make your blog more attention seeker as friends of your blogger friend will also come to know about your blog. Hence, your blogging network will increase rapidly. Blogging is not about jealousy, but it is all about your social relationships.

Host Contests or Prizes

You may host some contest on your blog or fan page and set a prize for it. It is not necessary to give a very costly prize to the winner, but it should be useful to your readers. For example it may be promotion of the blog of the contest winner on your blog or fan page etc. A These type of contests will be definitely liked by your audience and your blog will rock.

Note: These all methods are white hat methods, and I suggest you not to use any black hat methods for increasing views on your blog or increasing audience on your fan page, as it is not genuine and you will receive much of spams due to these audience.

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