Handiman Is The Best App For Home Services. Know Why!

Handiman has proved to be one of the finest helping hand for all your household cleaning and services. It is the ultra streamlined way to get help at your doorstep.

Your mundane home management service including, cleaning and every other need, is now at your doorstep courtesy of the Handiman app. Want to know more about this expert home service app? Continue reading.

What is Handiman App?

With the Handiman app, you can enjoy a range of quality services right at your doorstep. These services make life easier for daily living, and you can access the app to hire professionals from anywhere, anytime across the UK, and England.

The app is scattered into a wide network that provides on-demand household services by connecting with local premium professional services both nearby and at a fair distance.

The primary motive of the app is to provide on demand home services by skilled service providers who can connect with the potential audience and deliver services at home in the best way possible.

Features and services offered by Handiman

Handiman offers almost all kinds of odd jobs at home. When you scroll through Google Play Store in search of the best apps for home services, Handiman is surely among the top ten. But why? The only reason for this is the range of services Handiman offers to its customers. The services offered could be categorized from easy to complex. Let’s dive into the services offered by the Handiman app,

  • Carpentry services
  • Computer services
  • Plumbing services
  • Dog sitter
  • TV Repair and Service
  • Washing Machine Repair and Service
  • Painting
  • Gardener
  • Car Washing Service at your doorstep
  • Mobile Repair and Service
  • Packers and Movers
  • Electrician
  • Appliances Repair and Services
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning
  • Pest Control Services
  • Home Security

Why Handiman over others?

Well, this question doesn’t make any sense, especially when you are aware of the services offered by the Handiman app. However, we will be providing some of the crucial insights that will prove the dominance and sustainability of Handiman over others.

  • Booking a service is completely free with the Handiman app.
    A plethora of services to choose from include painting, home security, electrician, appliances, gardener, pest control, movers and packers, laundry, tradesman, car wash, cleaner, dog sitter, plumbing, TV repair, and servicing, and much more.
    With over 3 million satisfied customers, Handiman follows widespread customization move to the daily home jobs of their clients.
  • Handiman only focuses on connecting with skillful and highly trained professionals who can get your work done effectively without consuming much time.
  • The app offers Help & Support, a simple registration process, cost-effective services, multiple payment options, an advanced search filter, user-friendly UI, multiple language support.
  • The app connects you with a million experts ranging from home maintenance and local tradesman to the home advisor, home decor, and much more.
  • Book services with Handiman and earn rewards, gifts whenever you book a service, get rewarded.
    Handiman allows users to track services. Now, you can track
  • the status of your request application and also the serviceman till the time he reaches your doorstep.
  • Handiman is perhaps the best one-step solution to all your household chores and on-demand home services.
  • The largest network in London of skilled professionals connecting customers with the right service provider in no time
    Get rewarded by referring the application to your friend and social circle. Whenever you refer this app to anyone or invite them, you can earn instant gifts.
  • The best part about Handiman is, payment can be done at your convenience. It’s your choice whether to pay before or after a service is done.

How to book a service on Handiman?

Handiman offers a three-step booking process to book professionals, local tradesmen for all your on-demand home services.
The process starts,

  • Find an expert: You need to find an expert from the app. The experts could be nearby or even at a far distance. Choose the service you wish to from the list and get relished with world-class service at your doorstep.
  • Post your task: Post the service or task you wish to hire. The app has a broad network of experts and local professionals with whom you can get connected instantly.
  • Review offers and check profiles: Once you have been assigned a professional to get your service done, you can check their profile and chat with them anytime. Besides, you can also track them using the app map system. These workers are highly trained professionals.

Time to conclude: Now you know why you should opt for Handiman when it comes to getting all your household chores done. The app has been a popular name in the UK and London. -This is only because of their primitive services that have kept people praising the app over and over again. So, next time when you are going to book a home service, you know where to fall.

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