Good Advice for Those who Want to Make a Poker Table with their Own Hands

Poker is one of the most popular card games among people. Fans of playing poker very often think about how to purchase a poker table so that at home, long evenings, you can enjoy playing with your friends.

In search of a poker table suitable for you, you certainly spent a lot of time already, went around a lot of stores, looked at a bunch of catalogs, but you did not achieve the result. All the presented tables are not suitable for you, and those that you like do not fit your size. After all, this type of entertainment is usually inherent in entertainment, and not for home. And where to get a place for a poker table at home.

There is one good solution to this problem. You can make a poker table with your own hands. If this suits you, then you need to have patience, material, and some tools for carpentry, and you will receive detailed instructions for making such a table. You will get great pleasure from work and you will be able to surprise your loved ones with this extraordinary approach.

To get started, you must consider the design of your table. When choosing a design, you need to take into account its shape, size, a number of players, appearance, and what kind of table finish (varnish or cloth) will be.

In casinos and tournaments, oval tables with rounding for the dealer are mainly used. Such a table takes up a lot of space. If you have a space limit, then the best thing is a round table that could accommodate 4 to 6 people. The poker table can be in the form of a polygon, which is very convenient for each player. This table is very convenient for playing poker.

2. The table consists of a chipboard sheet and legs. For countertops, it is better to use a thick sheet of chipboard. So, let’s begin. On a sheet of chipboard, we outline the conceived shape of the table. Then, using a jigsaw, we cut out the countertop along the intended contour. If you didn’t succeed, don’t worry, you will have to buy another sheet of particleboard. If you still didn’t succeed, then you can use the countertop from another table. It is better to do all the work in the garage, of course, but at home, this work can also be done.

Now we proceed to the manufacture of table legs. The best for a poker table is one leg that has two crosses. For the leg, it is best to use a very thick beam, since the stability of the table will depend on this. If you are not fluent in carpentry tools, it is best to choose a simple leg form. You can make instead of one leg and four, but smaller. But it takes much longer to make 4 legs. Finished legs must first be sanded.

Let’s start assembling the table. To fix the legs to the table, you need to choose the appropriate amount. Mostly bolts are used for fastening. For bolts, drill holes with a drill.

After assembly, it is necessary to give the table a marketable appearance. To do this, he will have to be covered with cloth. The cloth is the best-used quality, which is used for tables in the casino. You can use cloth substitutes, but it will not look so impressive and the cards will not slide as well as we would like. Another disadvantage of the cloth is that over time it gets dirty from various drinks, food and you can even burn it with a cigarette. The most unpretentious way to cover the table is varnish or paint. After painting the countertops, be sure to paint the table leg.

It remains the case for small. This is the manufacture of soft sides that you can rest your hands on. In the home interior, this does not look very organic, so many refuse this idea. But if you really want it so much, you will have to spend a large amount of money to purchase expensive upholstery (vinyl) on the sides.

Here is your poker table ready to play. It remains to add some accessories to it: supports for glasses, ashtrays, a shelf for storing cards and chips.

Now you can comfortably spend time with your friends at a poker game right at home.

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