Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid with EDDM Service

EDDM can get you the attention you need. With this, you can enjoy a straightforward approach to reaching out to as many customers as you can. However, the channel might be but if you make some common mistake during the full service EDDM campaign, it might lead to less ideal outcomes. EDDM Service

So, here are a few EDDM mistakes that you need to avoid to make sure that your EDDM campaign is successful.

1.Having No Defined Goals

You have to start by considering what is going to make your campaign a success. Is it going to be a better name recall or more walk-in traffic? You have to set your goals first. Make sure that you are honest with it. When you have your goals, just try to get too close to them.

  •   Choose one goal for the EDDM service campaign
  •   Find out how to track it
  •   Make sure the goal is easy to complete.

2. Choosing the Wrong Audience for Your EDDM Campaign

Many people do not think about their audience when they launch a direct mail campaign. Targeting everyone is not a marketing strategy, it is just about being lazy. EDDM does not work for everyone. So, you will have to use it wisely. Research the market and collect the needed data to build the segments, which will join together for revealing your audience. Make sure that you customize your message the right way.

Moreover, the right audience can easily become the wrong audience if you connect to them at the wrong time. Get the timing down. Know when your EDDM is going to land and time it along with other events in the region. Make sure that you know where the customers are in their buying decision and also the season.

3. Not Using a Clear Call to Action

One of the reasons your Every Door Direct Mail printing failed is because you included a muddled call to action. Your direct mail marketing piece needs to have one call to action. It has to be bold and big. Make sure that your customers remember it even after several days. This is how direct mail marketing works. If the call to action is easy to remember, the customers are more likely to put it into action.

Here are a few tips that you can consider-

  • Include one call to action
  • Make it bold and colorful as people tend to remember something that is colorful
  • Personalize the call to action by using a QR code, a personalized URL, and an image of the discount code.

4. Use It as a Coupon

At times, direct mail is an incredible idea unless you already have some relationship with the recipient of the direct mail, a coupon might spur the wrong kind of action.

Surely, businesses don’t look for customers who only want to save a dollar. These people are mercenaries and they are going to drop you easily for saving a few pennies. Here are a few tips that will help you get customers who aren’t just looking for a discount.

  • Send a sample and get them to buy at a full price and a big package will get opened.
  • Give them a discount if they are referring a friend and include the details in Every Door Direct Mail printing. It will work conveniently since it is ideal to give to a friend.
  • Send a personalized catalog to the taste of the customer. Hence, make sure that the list of products is curate for them.

5. Focusing on the Features in Every Door Direct Mail

The customers do not care about who you are or what you are capable of doing. They do not want to know if you are going out of business or having a good time. Remember never to buy drills.

Direct mail should not lead with features. So, you have to begin with value. Often, every door direct mail suffers because they do not offer value. So, you have to ensure that the direct mail is relevant for the customers to read it.


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