6 Necessary & Easy Steps To Make Your Kitchen Vastu-Compliant

6 Steps To Make Sure Your Kitchen’s Full Of Positive Energy

kitchen Vastu-compliant, Your kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where the food – the fuel that keeps everybody in the family moving and healthy is made. Having a non-Vastu-compliant kitchen means problems regarding health, wealth, and relationships. That too, for all the members of the family, because all eat the food made in such a kitchen.

That’s why it is crucial to see that your kitchen is Vastu compliant. Thankfully, it’s not a difficult task. All you need to do is take care of the following six things.

6 To Do’s To Make Your Kitchen Vastu-Compliant

  • Make sure the kitchen is in the right direction.

The kitchen of any property (be it a house or workplace) should be in the South-East direction (measured from the centre of the property). 

This is because the kitchen contains the cooking stove – a symbol of fire. The South-East is the direction of Lord Agni – the god of fire. 

The South East is where the sun rises and spreads its positive healing energy. Having a kitchen here means all bacteria, fungi, and other microbes get killed early in the morning by the sun’s powerful rays. Thus leaving a sanitized kitchen to make nourishing food for the family.

You see, having the kitchen in the South-East helps increase the immunity of those who stay there. Plus it brings other health benefits thanks to the Vitamin D the sun offers.

What if the South-East part of the property is not available to build the kitchen? The other directions in your list of preferences should be South and then West.

  • Take care of the kitchen colours.

Do you know what happens when you put water on fire? You will put the fire out. The same happens when you use colours like blue, black and grey in your kitchen in the South-East. 

As mentioned before, the South-East is the direction of fire. The colours blue, black, and grey, are colours representing the water element. Having them together would create chaotic energy in your kitchen. This would lead to health issues as the food that people of this family eat would have been made with the wrong energy.

Ideally, the right Vastu colours for the kitchen in the South-East include shades of pink, maroon, red, and orange. All these colours represent the fire element. 

Colours like brown and white are also okay because of their neutrality and peaceful vibe. 

The state of your kitchen controls your health, wealth and relationships. Here’s how you can make your kitchen Vastu-compliant and bid negativity goodbye.

Also, make sure the slab is of the right colour and material. Ask a Vastu consultant to guide you on it.

  • Keep heating devices in the South-East.

Simply having your kitchen in the South-East is not enough. With the guidance of a Vastu expert, you should keep your heating devices (stove, griller, microwave), in the South-East corner of your kitchen.

This will ensure that the heat is getting generated in the place meant for it. 

Having heat in another direction would mean having heat in another aspect of your life. For example, heat in the South-West direction would mean having heat in the relationship of the couple. This is because this direction is the bedroom of the head husband and wife of the family, according to Vastu. 

  • Keep the dustbin in the right direction.

Ideally, the dustbin should be between the South and South-East directions of the house. If you have this space available, you should keep the dustbin here. If not the other preference should be the area between South and South West – it is also known as the disposal zone.

  • Do not keep a temple in the kitchen.

Many Indian households keep their temples/ pooja area in the kitchen. Ideally, a pooja room should have enough space to sit and pray, so this is not a great place to keep your gods.

Additionally, Vastu shastra recommends having the temple in the North East or West directions. Since the kitchen should be in the South-East, it makes keeping the temple here wrong.

If you must place your gods in the kitchen and have no better place for them, you can place a cream-coloured cloth on top of the temple.

  • Do not have a toilet above or below the kitchen.

A knowledgeable and experienced Vastu expert will never advise placing a kitchen below a toilet in new construction, not even as an exception. 

The energy of the food prepared in such kitchens will get destroyed if they have a toilet above or below. This should especially be taken care of in flats because these issues are more common there. kitchen Vastu-compliant

The reason it’s important is that people who reside in such homes will always face unending obstacles in all aspects of their life.

What if you already have such a kitchen? There are temporary Vastu shastra kitchen remedies available to balance bad energies. But only a skilled Vastu expert will be able to guide you on that. The best solution is to relocate your kitchen to a better area that’s kitchen Vastu-compliant. 

Addressing Some Myths

Some Vastu myths make life difficult for those using such kitchens. Let us bust some of these myths.

  1. It doesn’t matter where you face while cooking in the kitchen. The direction of the kitchen in the house and not having the sink (water element) and the stove (fire element) on the same slab is essential. 
  2. It doesn’t matter if the toilet and the kitchen share a wall.
  3. It doesn’t matter if you have a bedroom above or below the kitchen. The bedroom Vastu should depend on the goals of those living in this room and sleep quality.

Don’t believe any myths, but ensure that you pay attention to the 6 points that will help make your kitchen Vastu compliant.

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