Is Online Poker Tougher in 2021?

Online poker continues to gain mainstream popularity and generate huge numbers per year. But, many recreational and even regular winners may feel the poker landscape is more challenging than years ago. Is this the case or a myth? In this post, we’re going to attempt to answer the question.

Poker Software Availability Speeds Up Learning

One thing that definitely is making games harder is the tools available to players. Years ago, there were poker training site a few tracking software sites and that’s it. These days, there are countless resources and software available to players to speed up their learning. This unquestionably helps them develop at a much quicker rate. This means that they are fish for less long.

Any player that takes advantage of range analysis software or a poker spreadsheet, is going to be treating poker seriously and get to a good level quicker than someone only relying on experience.

New Players All the Time

Something people seem to forget is that online gambling is a growing industry. Not only that, but every year, there is a new crop of poker players that weren’t legally allowed to before. So, you have players transitioning from other games like slots and blackjack and you also have new players who have just become legally permitted to play. What does this mean? Well, they are far behind the experienced players that have played for years.

The problem for the professionals is that the new players will not be playing at higher stakes. They typically play low stakes games where they can limit their losses whilst they learn the fundamentals of poker. In other words, if you want to take advantage of these player, you need to stick to the lower stakes’ games.

The Gap in Calibre is Tighter

The players who think “poker is dead” or think it’s tough today are usually the players that were spoilt. In the mid to late 2000’s online poker was very easy. Most people didn’t know the correct strategy to implement. The community in general lacked the knowledge. So, the good players had a huge edge on the field. Today, with all the resources and tools available including YouTube, forums, poker bots and poker training sites, everyone is a step up.

The differences between good players are smaller than in the past. Basically, you might be better but you’re not 10x better. It used to be like Mike Tyson vs a lightweight. Now, its fairer, it might be more like Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua. If you want to increase your edge, you need to work harder than the others.

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