Should I travel to North Goa or South Goa? A question that has been pondered by countless numbers of tourists. Who visited this tropical state in India. Ask this question to anyone from North or South Goa, and you’ll easily be able to pick up a fight that hasn’t ended! For me both the places have their own charm, but on this special trip I have to give gold medal to South Goa. Serene beaches, delicious food, scenic drives and spectacular mountains, what more could you want? If you want a break from the crowded beaches and drunken strangers who have dropped by the bars on the streets, then this part of Goa is for you.


Goa has developed rail routes that connect the city with other cities easily. The two major railway stations in Goa are Margao and Vasco-da-Gama. Several trains run daily from Mumbai to Goa with Konkan Railway; Most of these take 10 to 12 hours. Margao station is located in the heart of South Goa and the nearest beach is Benaulim which is 5 km away. For train booking visit IRCTC.


The train network is not really convenient to get around Goa. Local bus transport is good but you need to be familiar with the routes. Because you have to change something to reach the destination. Being the most popular tourist destination, there are many taxi options but the rates are very high. Scooty/motorcycle rental (around INR 300-500 per day) is one of the best and most economical ways to visit the beach capital. Just take a two wheeler and go on one of the most amazing road trips by submitting the ID proof. Goa is full of life from the months of December to March. Compared to North Goa, South Goa has the right mix of people and activities while keeping the chaos to a minimum.


Palolem is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Goa. It is about 1.5 km and one can see the entire beach from the end. The view of its perfect white sand facing the blue bay is incredible. It is safe to take a bath. Because the depth of the ocean gradually increases. You can try some outdoor sports like scuba diving, canyoning, boat tour to see dolphins etc. The beach is still pretty bad. But it is getting busy fast which could soon change the circumstances. From Palolem, you can ride north along the narrow but beautiful coastal road to visit Agonda beach.


Agonda Beach is the center of admiration for all the bachelors and nature lovers who want to spend some peaceful time. With a gorgeous stretch of three kilometres, you can take a leisurely walk along the beautiful coast. Sunbathing, relaxing and yoga are the main activities that you will indulge in. If you want to avoid the excessive enjoyment of nights at other beaches, Agonda is here to welcome you.


Located at a distance of twenty km from Agonda Beach, there is a fort south of Cabo de Rama Beach. Although the fort is in ruins, It offers spectacular views of the Cabo de Rama beach and the Arabian Sea. Swimming on the beach is relatively safe but be careful as there are no lifeguards.


Situated between the Arabian Sea and the Sal River,the golden colored sand on this beach takes your breath away. One of the cleanest beaches I’ve been on in a long timeBeing a clean and peaceful beach, it attracts a lot of tourists. North Goa


Definitely, my favorite beach out of the dozen I’ve visited. About ten minutes’ drive from Agonda Beach, This is a very unexplored beach in South Goa. This is a beach that is hard to find and doesn’t rely on Google Maps at all. Check out mat houses that are close to this place or else you will have to walk down a bumpy road. When you get your first view of the beach from the top of the palm trees, it leaves you speechless; You are looking down at what you would describe as heaven. What makes Kola Beach different from others, That is the fresh water lagoon along its seashore which is connected to the sea. Local Indian tourists are almost absent from this beach Your trip to South Goa would be incomplete without spending some time at Kola Beach.

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