Wear Your Saree the Right Way With These Tips

Sarees have been one of the most loved traditional pieces of elegance that are adored by women of all generations. Despite it being one of the oldest forms of traditional wear, it hasn’t lost its charm till date. The grace and grandeur that it offers is unparalleled and has managed to enchant the hearts of many women across the globe. However, styling and wearing the saree right way is crucial because if not done right, it can turn out to be a complete disaster.

Here are a few styling tips that will help you look resplendent in a saree:

  1. Make Sure to Select the Right Blouse and Petticoat

Opting for a petticoat that fits you perfectly is crucial as it acts as a base on which the saree sits. Therefore, opt for a fit that keeps you comfortable and a colour that complements the saree well. The same rule applies for a blouse as it is one of the most important elements of the ethnic outfit. You can experiment with distinct silhouettes to make your outfit stand out, however ensure not to go overboard. The fit and colour should sync well with the saree as these are two factors that can either make or break your look.

  1. Select a Drape As Per Your Body Shape

Draping a saree is one of the most underrated yet important parts of wearing a saree. For it, it’s imperative to know your body type to select a draping style that will accentuate your curves beautifully and make you look like a wonder. Before finalising, you can try out different styles and techniques and opt for the one that you find best. Some of the most common and popular draping styles are- pleated, gujarati, pant style, dhoti style, casual and more.

  1. Choose the Right Colour and Fabric

A colour has the power to instantly brighten up or dull your appearance. Therefore, while selecting a saree, opt for a colour that matches your skin tone and aids in radiating your charm. For deep skin tones colours such as navy blue, dusty pink, red, violet etc work wonders. Whereas for lighter skin tones, pastel colours work best. Another important factor that you must consider while saree shopping is the fabric. It’s important to understand which fabric will flatter your body best. For instance, silk sarees look stunning on curvy women and net sarees work well for women with a slim frame.

  1. Before Draping, Wear Heels

One of the common mistakes a majority of women make is not wearing heels before draping the saree. You should because it’ll help you understand the optimal length you require. You can accordingly get the alterations done and move about with ease. 

The elegance and class an ethnic attire adds to your outlook are matched by none. Be it a  saree, lehenga choli, kurti set or any other attire, Indian never fails to bring out the best in you. Also, opposite to the contrary belief, ethnic can be beautifully adorned to many places other than special occasions too as daily wear, office wear, as a comfortable outfit to run your everyday errands and a lot more. Indian clothing is extremely versatile and available in a plethora of options for you to choose the one that matches your aesthetics.

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