Why So Many People Love Living in Arlington, VA

Arlington is one of the best-kept secrets Virginia has often viewed as a vacation spot instead of a place to live. Thankfully, that means those who live here get to reap all of the benefits.

If you want to move to a city that speaks to your need to have fun and enjoy more time outside, these are the top reasons many love living in Arlington.

1. Incredible Schools

The school system in Arlington will blow you away. This is ranked as one of the top school systems in the country, offering excellent private and public schools and a lot of funding to ensure no child has to feel left out from the best education possible. The colleges here are also awesome, which means if you’re considering starting a family, you won’t have to worry about your kids traveling far for school!

A lot of this is thanks to the higher-than-average cost of living and high property taxes, but it’s worth it for your kids to get the best start possible.

2. Close to the Beach

Everyone loves a beautiful beach view! In Arlington, you’re less than 25 miles from fantastic beaches, which means you can get away any time you want to get some sand and surf. This could mean taking time after you get off work to go swimming or giving your kids something exciting to look forward to on the weekends.

Arlington is right on the Potomac, which ensures you still have endless water views at home as well.

3. Near Countless Job Options

If you want to afford the pricey Arlington real estate, you need to stop and get a job that pays incredibly well. Thankfully, many industries are at home in Arlington, meaning you can work in almost any field you want and get paid a more than fair wage.

This is great for someone who wants to try a few different lines of work, but it’s vital to remember that this is an expensive place to live. If you’re considering trying out a few other job options, it’s critical that you stop and have savings set up to fall back on.

4. In Touch With History

History and Arlington go hand in hand. This area was lived on by indigenous tribes for thousands of years before European colonies made their way over, which means it has a longer history than many even know.

Here you can find countless museums, memorials, parks, and informative tours that will walk you through the long and incredible history of this city.  

5. Housing Continues to Gain Value

If you’re starting out on the lower end of finances, you might be nervous about the high property prices, but it’s vital to remember that housing continues to gain value here. This means even if you buy a less expensive home here now, in a few years, it could be worth major money.

Arlington is the Best Place to Move! 

Whether you’re considering moving here to get closer to a job prospect or you want to move to Arlington to be closer to the ocean: this city will blow you away. Consider moving to this great area the next chance you have!

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