5 Things You’ll Learn About Love in Evan Marc Katz Reviews

Evan Marc Katz reviews offer more than just insight about this famous personal trainer. It also sheds light on relationships — all made possible by his dating coaching services. 

Get to learn more about love and how Coach Katz may help you achieve it by reading his client reviews below: 

Everybody’s Worthy of Personal Love

Tina P. used to treat internet dating as a business meeting. There she was — a strong single woman who believes that it’s enough to attract men. 

Unfortunately, it was not the case. Good thing Evan Marc Katz gave her tips that debunked her beliefs about online dating. 

With his focused coaching, Tina began to understand men. Acknowledging this made her realize that, like other women, she’s worthy of love. This made her change her views and behaviors. And as she slowly went with the flow, things fell into place. 

And just seven months ago, she did find love when she least expected it. 

Love is About Having Fun

While it’s not wrong for smart, strong, & successful women to take relationships seriously – some go over the top. This is something client Rachel E. learned the hard way. 

Many thanks to dating coach Evan Marc Katz and his tips, she learned a lot of things that helped her find her ultimate happiness. 

Throughout the course, Rachel realized that overthinking is terrible. She also learned more about setting boundaries and enforcing them. 

Evan Marc also taught her about mirroring men’s actions while allowing them to lead (but not overperform) in the relationship. 

Eventually, Rachel could recognize the signals of her unmet needs and the essential things she needs to express to her fiance.

By having a more relaxed view of love, Rachel fared better in her relationship. Now, she’s about to get married!

You Can’t Change Men; You Can Only Change Your Behavior

Maria had a rocking online dating profile. But no matter how hard she tried, she often ended up with the wrong guys. 

With Coach Katz’s help, Maria realized she is the reason why she’s still single, and her dates didn’t succeed. 

Because of this advice, Maria worked on improving herself rather than the guys around her. This eventually paved the way for the success of her love life. 

In just a week, she ended up attracting guys at work and online. The world was her oyster — many thanks to Coach Katz’s advice!

Now, she’s dating Dan, a guy with whom she can be herself. With both sharing a love for Yorkies, the couple is at the happiest they could ever be. 

Trust (and Believe) Your Gut

It’s easy to get carried away with the flowery words of most online dating profiles. And if it’s too good to be true, most of the time, it is.

Carol H., a 60-year-old professor, learned this the hard way. After being single for 20 years, she was more than ready to commit. 

However, she often dated most guys for only a short year. At her age, she wanted more than that. 

With Evan Marc’s tips for helping singles, Carol learned to trust and believe her gut. This led her to find Robert, whom she has been dating for seven months now.

Coach Katz’s valuable tips don’t end here, though. He also helped her communicate better and let her boyfriend be the ‘man’ in the relationship. This led her to be in touch with her attractive feminine side, which she admits to enjoying a lot! 

You’re Valuable. You’re Not a Doormat!

After a year of dating, Sahaja finally moved in with her man. And for the six weeks they have been living together, she went all out. 

But even with all her effort, her boyfriend still dumped her — on Valentine’s day, of all days!

To make matters worse, this made Sahaja more desperate. She chased guys out, being as proactive as she was in her work. 

Tired of chasing the wrong person, Sahaja decided to sign up for Coach Evan’s website. Enlightened by his advice and tips, she realized that she had value. She always did, but she was just too busy pleasing other people. 

Eventually, Sahaja lived her life according to these mantras:

  • I am the CEO!
  • I’m not a hostess or doormat.
  • I’m a catch. I don’t have to chase a date.
  • There’s a lot of guys out there. I shouldn’t be desperate. 
  • I can search for a date with which I can be myself. 
  • I am worthy of love, and I’ll find it someday!

Now, Sahaja is happier and on her way to achieving a fulfilling relationship. 

These reviews of Evan Marc Katz show how effective he is in helping smart, strong, successful women like you. So, if you’re looking for love and some life-changing advice, you should contact him right away.

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