How to write a correct Bibliography for the Assignment?

 Assignment or research paper writing forms an integral part of the academic world no matter what subject you are pursuing. When you work upon these two, there are several parts that should be written while keeping a correct format in mind. One of these parts is a bibliography.

Bibliography contains the sources which you have referred to in the process of your research for your assignment. Mentioning the sources is important in the course or research paper writing or assignment writing because then there are fewer chances of the credibility of your research paper being challenged.

The bibliography is just not the mere listing of your sources or your references which offered you help in the course of your writing. This part of an assignment is a really difficult and crucial one wherein certain specific rules are followed for quoting your references.

Students new into this world of writing, are not familiar with these rules. But they must understand that if a bibliography is not written in a proper way, they can even lose their marks on the project. Thus bibliography should be written with lots of patience, devoting proper time to this section.

When you correctly write a bibliography, it indicates your familiarity in the field as well as with the topic of your study. The bibliography is written at the end of your assignment. These sources contribute immensely to your research work in turn offering you assignment help

While writing this information, not only the name of the book and the author but also several other details are required. So let us begin to discuss the rules that must be followed to write a correct bibliography:

  1. Quote the following details when writing about your source in the bibliography when the source is a book:
  • Name of the author in reverse form, that is, first the surname then the first name, both separated by a comma. For example, Joseph Conrad will be written as Conrad, Joseph.
  • Next, write the title of the book you have referred to, in italics. For example Lord Jim. The title should be written as it appears on the cover page of the book, capital letters being capital and small ones written in small because the way a writer gives his title conveys a lot about his intent as well as his creativity. Don’t forget to write the sub-title as well, along with the title.
  • Next mention the volume number of the book (if it contains more than one volume) or the total number of volumes of that series.
  • If the book, you have referred to, is not the first edition, then also mention the edition.
  • Following the above, would be the mention of the city of publication 
  • Then the name of the publishing company
  • And then the date of publication of the referred edition of your book.
  • Example: Forster, E.M… A Passage to India. Hertfordshire: Wordsworth Publications Limited, 1992. 
  1. In case you are quoting a website or any such online platform then write the following:
  • Name of the writer of the webpage in the same format as mentioned above.
  • Name of the topic that you were offered research for, in quotation marks.
  • Next, write the name of the website 
  • Then the date of creation of the content
  • And then the date you accessed the content on.
  • Example: Fyfe, Paul. “A Passage to India.” LitCharts. LitCharts LLC, 22 August 2019. Web. 20 March 2021.
  1. When quoting a research paper, then mention:
  • Name in the above-mentioned format
  • The topic of research in quotation marks
  • Mention what kind of research paper it is
  • Name the university
  • And at last, write the year when the paper was written.
  • Example: Stewart, Billy. “ The Cultural Aspects of Immigration of People in North America.” Ph.D. Thesis, University of Chicago, 2004.
  1. If you have just referred to a certain chapter of a book then mention: 
  • Again the name in the same format
  • Name of the chapter in quotation marks followed by the name of the book in italics
  • Pages of the chapter
  • Place of publication
  • Name of the publishing house
  • And the year of publication
  • Example: Chandra, Bipin. “The Revolt of 1857,” in History of Modern India, 140-157. New Delhi: Orient Blackswan, 2015.
  1. If you are working on scientific texts, first the original text of reference is talked is mentioned then the classics of science are mentioned in alphabetical order. These include works of both the native as well as the foreign authors where the former is followed by the latter.
  2. In case you are citing several works of the same author, arrange the list in alphabetical order.
  3. Don’t forget to number your reference list in the bibliography.

Thus the bibliography contains the description of the several works you have referred to while working on your assignment. If you keep these points in mind, this will definitely offer you assignment help since the bibliographic portion of the assignment is way more complicated than it seems to be.

Besides this, there are several MLA formats that are followed while citing your works in your bibliography. Choose whatever citation your institution requires of you and work accordingly. But if you still feel that this process troubles you, even after knowing these rules, there are several sites available online that do this citation process for the students. You just need to mention the name of your source and details and you will get the citation in the correct form.

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