5 Evan Marc Katz Testimonials That Changed a Woman’s Life

Since 2003, dating coach Evan Marc Katz has been helping strong and successful (but still single) women find love. 

If you want to know how he can do this for you, read what these clients have to say in their Evan Marc Katz testimonials

“I am now more understanding, compassionate, and loving.”

Carol A. has been divorced for 15 years. And throughout this time, she has dated eight men who disappeared into thin air. 

Simply put, she wasted her time and energy on worthless men. 

In her last-ditch attempt to find love, she tuned into Katherine Woodward Thomas’ webinar. Here, she heard about Evan Marc Katz — a dating guru who may be able to help her with her dates. 

In her review, Carol expressed how his coaching made her understand men better. He also helped her change her ways as she often heads towards the wrong relationship. 

Thanks to Katz, she realized that she was the CEO of her own life and didn’t need to be in a relationship with another CEO.

With Evan’s help and his commonsense guide to successful internet dating, Carol has become happier and more content, compassionate, patient, and loving. It is not surprising that these qualities attracted her current partner of five years. 

“I’m in a satisfying long-term relationship.”

More often than not, women expect more from their relationships.

 Such was the case for Karin G., who has been dating Gary for a long time. While he’s smart and understanding, Karin can’t help but look for somebody ‘perfect.’

Thanks to the advice he got from Evan Marc Katz, she realized that Gary is indeed the man she’s been looking for. With his help, she began to appreciate her partner’s love and commitment. 

Evan helped Karin through every step of the way — from creating an online dating profile to coaching her during her date. With his help, she wouldn’t have reached the pinnacle of relationship success — and that was marrying the guy of her dreams!

“I couldn’t be any happier.”

Ali G. — soon to be Ali S. — wouldn’t be where she is without Coach Katz’s help. With his tips, Ali landed the man of her dreams, and she’s getting married to him in a couple of months!

So how was this possible? Well, Ali heeded all of Evan’s advice. Realizing that actions speak louder than words, Ali could equip herself with all the tools she needs to find her one true love. 

Indeed, she did — and they’re getting hitched soon!

“I will be married in three months.”

Some women often find themselves in relationships that don’t progress. It could be a great source of frustration, especially for readers such as Shelagh M. 

Just when she was on the verge of giving up, she came across Evan Marc Katz’s blog. Reading through the content, she came to understand what the guru had to say. Yes, there are good men out there, and she had to change some aspects about herself.

Before she knew it, she signed up for Evan Marc Katz’s coaching services, vowing to follow and believe everything he says. 

Evan started by revamping her online profile and advising her to get a professional to take her photos. Following his dating advice, she finally met her partner Dale in just under a month. 

Despite Dale being a good man, Shelagh found herself commenting on how he wasn’t the right one for her. Fortunately, Evan knocked sense into her by telling her to stop overthinking things. Instead, she should focus on how he treats her well. 

Good thing Shelagh heeded his advice for her love life. Now, they are about to get hitched! 

“Evan, you are the wizard of my love story.”

Like many women, Ana Y. tried everything in the online dating world: Match, eHarmony, and ItsJustLunch. 

She has endured about 80 speed dates and blind dates with over 40 men. She read as many self-help books as she could, but to no avail. These events have fueled her fear of growing old alone. 

Thankfully, Evan Marc Katz came into the picture. He gave her invaluable tips that sparked hope within her when she thought everything was over. 

Just like seeing the future, Evan has accurately predicted what happened with Ana. One day, she sent a playful wink to a man who has just started dating. She was his second Match date — and the last one at that. After a year of dating, they finally got hitched!

Like any other happy woman, Ana is brimming with gratitude for Evan’s wizarding role in her love story. Apart from thanking him, Ana asked Evan to keep doing what he’s doing just because he’s so darn good with it. 

Similar to his clients’ reviews, you too can find love and get married with his help. From coaching to podcasts, Katz can help you believe in love once again. 

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