Importance of playing T20 Fantasy Cricket League in Online

Ballebaazi has proved its excellence in providing one of the best platforms for fantasy sports in India. The recent number of Ballebaazi users is over 4+ million and there is no doubt that the number is increasing with the time.

Ballebaazi has always been concerned about providing a simple and user-friendly interface, so people from different walks of life can play and enjoy their favorite fantasy sports including fantasy cricket, Kabaddi, basketball and football.

How to Log in:

Enter your email ID to register and set a password to it. You are not allowed to create multiple Ballebaazi accounts using one email ID and one mobile number.

If a user creates various accounts, it will be a direct violation of Ballebaazi’s fair play policy. Ballebaazi keeps all your personal information safe.

Start playing fantasy cricket on Ballebaazi:

  1.     After logging into Ballebaazi, you will get to see a complete listing of fixtures, pick out a game
  2.     Build your fable cricket crew using your enjoy and 100 credits
  3.     Each fixture has exceptional coins contests, pick and participate in keeping with your desire
  4.     Track your delusion points thoroughly, take a look at out the performance of your gamers

Ballebaazi Fantasy Cricket offers Brand New Formation Rules:

Ballebaazi Fantasy Cricket game App has come up with brand new formation rules that help you to create a team more effectively.

Here is Ballebaazi Revamped Fantasy Cricket Team Formation Rules for you Exclusively….!

Ballebaazi are upgraded the fantasy cricket team formation rules. This feature helps you to maximum of best team creation that helps you to Win the Leader board and be on Top.

Build your Ballebaazi Squad:

When you select a match from the list of recent and upcoming series, you get an option ‘join with a new team’, click on that and start creating your Ballebaazi cricket team.

Ballebaazi will provide you 100 credits, so you can draft your preferred real-life cricketers to develop your virtual team. Though creating a virtual cricket team on Ballebaazi is not that complicated, still, you need to follow certain protocols like

  1.     The minimum number of batsmen in your team should be 3 and you can’t cross the maximum limit of 6 batsmen.
  2.     You can pick up to 6 bowlers for your fantasy squad and the minimum number is 3.
  3.     A minimum of 1 all-rounder needs to be picked, 4 being the maximum.
  4.     A minimum of 1 wicket Keeper needs to be picked, 4 being the maximum.

After deciding on all of the eleven contributors, you need to determine a captain and a vice-captain. Captain will carry you 2X factors scored by any such participant in actual matches and the vice-captain will bring you 1.5X factors scored by such a player within the real game.


Though, as the proprietor of your virtual team, you have got entire management over your group and can make changes according to your evaluation and techniques, still, you have to hold the timer set by using Ballebaazi. When the timer suggests 0, you are not any more allowed to make any adjustments, except the captain and vice-captain.

Ballebaazi Fantasy Cricket Point System:

Ballebaazi Fantasy Cricket brings an attractive points system to its users. The points System offered by Ballebaazi cricket fantasy providers are quite interesting as well as striking.

It is very clean to score big points if you understand how and whilst applying your gamers nicely.

The captain of your fable group normally receives 2 instances of the point and the vice-captain receives 1.5 instances of the point.

What are the positive sides of Playing Indian T20 Fantasy Cricket League?

Online Cricket games are nothing new to gaming enthusiasts, but comparing Fantasy Cricket with other platforms will be slightly deceitful.

When you play the fantasy version of the Indian T20 league, you get to enjoy the real-life matches better and it also provides you with the privilege to become an active part of this cricket tournament.

Isn’t it an honour to have a team of your own? Do not miss the chance this season, register your name on a reliable platform that offers Indian T20 Fantasy Cricket League, Today IPL match live score, create your virtual squad, and play using your cricketing acumen.

What drives the popularity of the Indian T20 league?

The Indian T20 league is undoubtedly one of the biggest cricketing events in the world and probably the most colourful and glamorous one.

Each team in this tournament reflects a great combination of domestic and foreign players, making the matches more entertaining.

As a spectator, you get to experience some extraordinary cricketing activities, outstanding performances of your favourite players, and thrilling games.

The Indian T20 league is packed with surprises, excitements, glamour, attractive rewards, and great cricket. Quite naturally, it attracts millions of cricket lovers across the world.

Moreover, it has converted an average individual who was not that much interested in cricket into a cricket lover. People passionate about Indian T20 league. Also show interest to be associated with its fantasy version to become an active participant and win some cash.

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