Prepare mentally to write effective answers for the UPSC Civil Services Mains exam?

How do I prepare myself mentally to write effective answers for the UPSC Civil Services Mains exam?

You must acquire knowledge if you want to create the best answers for Civil Services Main.

Knowledge is the best substitute for knowledge. You can’t write a good answer if you don’t have the right answer. If you write a wrong answer, all your efforts are useless. 

Sometimes we need a guide to make us know about the path being chosen is right or not. Same is the case in Answer writing. Tough there are many names but EDEN IAS, answer writing programmes are one of the best solutions for your answer writing problem.

There are two programmes one for beginners i.e., SUGAM UPSC Answer Writing and other who are facing the less marks issue in their mains i.e., STEPS.

Features of the Programme:

Acquire Knowledge:

  • Learn more from different sources. You can remember what you read by taking notes and reviewing it at regular intervals. 
  • Write answers in bulleted points and then compare them with the contents of my notes or books to check if you have written all the important points. For quick practice, note down any points you missed.
    A great way to gain knowledge is to share the key chapters with friends who are also preparing for CSE. 
  • This method has proven to be very efficient and useful. You can prepare in groups by dividing topics and spending one to two hours per day explaining your topic. This will make your learning more efficient.

Practice Time Management

  • This is a problem as you must adhere to a word limit. 
  • To be able to answer within the given time frame, you must practice writing.
  • You must also be able to explain the answers if you only know a part of it or if the information you have is not sufficient.
  • Therefore, you need to be able to compress or expend the answer according to the requirements so it fits within the word limit and maximizes its outcome.

Improve your writing skills

  • We are often under immense pressure when we write CSE, which is so important for us. This can lead to poor handwriting, spelling and grammar errors, and even worse, grammatical errors. 
  • These small errors can cost you a lot of marks. 
  • You can avoid this by practicing. You can improve your writing skills by going back to the answer after a few days or hours and finding any errors. These errors will not be obvious to you right away. 

Develop Broad Understanding

  • Develop understanding of key words.
  • Understand the clear meaning of questions demand and try to stick with the demand.
  • Wherever needed use flow charts and diagrams.

Last but not least feedback is a very important part of the learning process and good feedback can help you with course correction in your preparation, and also help you in the evaluation of progress in your answer writing practice.

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