Uber vs. Enfield Cabs: which is cheaper?

Here’s a million dollar question. Which is cheaper between Uber and a Enfield cabs service? The answer is not a simple yes or no, because there are a number of factors that can make one cost more or less than the other. Uber claims that its ride-sharing service is smarter than cabs. But how accurate is this claim? In this blog, we find out.

London has an extensive transport network. There are various public and private networks operating in the city, providing good services at affordable prices. Enfield cabs are one of the most commonly used means of transport in the city.

In this blog we will look at how some factors can affect the availability of both services.

Local and intercity transport:

The choice should be influenced by the distance traveled. Taxi hire in London is fairly cheap for short distances within the city. Fares are usually below your budget for short distance journeys. However, for longer journeys, prices may be a little higher than Uber. We recommend that you choose based on the length of the trip and the square kilometers traveled.

High demand:

High demand hours, such as after office or school hours, can significantly affect Uber fares. Their network has a large number of cars available, and if all of them are already in service, you may not get a ride.

In these cases, cabs are a better option, as Uber and rival services rely on overbooking to increase fares. In contrast, Enfield taxi prices have remained stable despite high demand. Therefore, it is better to choose an Enfield Cab when demand is high.

Traffic conditions:

Overcharging is more common in high-traffic areas. Cannon Street, Fleet Street and the A406 North Circular Road are among the busiest roads in London. If your route takes you along one of these roads, prices are likely to be higher due to traffic.

On the other hand, Enfield Cabs do not operate by the same mechanism. Their prices do not increase significantly due to constant stops and breaks. Compared to UberX in particular, Enfield Cabs prices can be quite affordable.

Fixed fares:

Enfield Cabs services are usually dependent on a fixed schedule or taxi/cabs meter, which does not entail a price increase. With Uber, there is a risk that the price at the end of the trip will not match the estimated fare. Factors such as traffic, number of stops and increased demand can affect fares. Expect Uber fares to increase, especially during impassable weather conditions such as blizzards, rain and thunderstorms.


What makes a service affordable is the quality of service it provides. For example, if one taxi/cabs service costs a little more than another but provides impeccable customer service, it may be the best choice. Enfield Cabs and Uber also need to provide excellent security for their customers and their belongings. Whether you choose an Enfield cabs or Uber, make sure the service you choose is reliable and will get you safely to your destination. Prices will be reasonable as long as you are in reliable hands.

In short, keep the cost of the ride in mind when traveling. At the same time, look for the service you find most convenient and comfortable. It’s super easy to book a ride through online sites like Enfield Cabs Transfers service. If you’re looking for a cheap transfer service in London, we’re here to put our services at your disposal. With our wheelchair accessible services, punctual pick up and exceptional customer service, you’ll have confidence in our services.

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