20 Uses of Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Spying in smart gadgets like tablets, laptops, smartphones and desktops as parental control and employee monitoring is very common these days. Phone Tracker

A major concern of many users is secrecy or privacy. For example, many parents don’t want their children to know if they are monitoring them through their smart gadgets or phone. It is a fair concern thus spy app that offers secrecy privilege is loved by many users. OgyMogy is one of them. Here are 20 uses of the best phone tracker app without permission that can change your life for good

True Location Information

One of the best use of the spy app is that you can secretly know the location of the target gadget at any given time. The feature can be used to monitor teenagers or employees.

Control The Safe Movements

One can mark a safe or restricted zone on Google Maps for the target. That means you can get a notification if an employee is meeting any outsider or teen is trying to enter the adult club. 

Check the Browsing History 

Secretly monitor the browsing history of the teenager or employees to know about their online interests. This feature assures positive use of digital media and gives control to the user. 

Block Unwanted Stuff

With the web filtering feature, you can block any unwanted or useless site on the target device. 

Access to Favorite Bar:

OgyMogy the best phone tracker app without permission allows the user to know about the bookmark folder of the target as well. You can monitor all the website that is visited by the target frequently. 

Manage Screen Time

With the screen recording feature, you can know about the screen activities in real-time. The feature saves the information in the form of short videos and screenshots. 

Cloud Service:

As cloud-based service management of storage data is very easy and stress-free. All the data is stored on the web portal of the app. Only users can access the web portal with the given information. 

Watch Them :

Remotely control the front and rear camera of the target device and know about the surroundings of the target person. 

Listen To Them:

Mic bug feature let the user listen to all the live voices and sound around the target gadget. 

Secret Account Details:

The keystroke logging or keylogging feature makes it easy to know about any secret account or even its password. It is one of the most useful features for employee monitoring and even for parental control. 

Incoming and OutGoing Phone Record:

Keep a check on the incoming and outgoing call recording of the target without the target knowing with the help of the call log feature offered by the OgyMogy

Call Trapping:

OgyMogy makes it possible to even record a call of the target person. The feature can be used for employee monitoring, employee training and more. 

Photo Gallery Access:

The app allows access to the photo gallery of the target device. Even if the gallery is password encrypted, the spy app makes it possible for the user to get into the photo album without any problem. 

Text Police:

With a text log,  check the text record for the teen or employee. 

Email Correspondence Monitoring :

OgyMogy let the user have access to the sent and received the email of the target along with attachment history detail. 

Facebook Check:

Social media monitoring is made easy with spy apps. Facebook spy app allows the user access to all the Facebook activities of the target person. Phone Tracker

Instgram Posts Alerts:

Know about the post and story content going with timestamp information with the Instagram spy app. 

Insights About Disappeared Content Snapchat 

Don’t worry about the disappeared text messages or snaps in Snapchat as the OgyMogy has got your back. The Snapchat spy app saves all the data for the user on the web portal.  

WhatsApp Chat Alerts:

Get into the private and group chat of the Whstapp with the Whatsapp spy app. Phone Tracker

Dating Issues Resolved:

Tinder spy app makes it easy for users to know about the dating life of the target teenager. 

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