What to be done before IAS/UPSC interview?

UPSC CSE Interview can be strategized but can’t be completely planned. In fact, the aspirants should never wait for the Mains result and then start for the upsc mock interview preparation.

It is always ideal to have the interview stage in your mind – The first day you start your preparation for IAS/UPSC Exam. But ideally very less aspirants do the simultaneous preparation Prelims, Mains & Interview

Thou, it is never too late!!

DAF (Detailed Application Form) –  

Most of the questions are going to be asked from your DAF (Detailed Application Form), So the DAF should be as interesting as it can be but realistic at the same time. You should divide your DAF into various segments like Hobbies, Interests, Educational background, Prizes, recognitions, extra-curricular activities etc..

Now try to interlink the divided areas in a logical manner (If you can develop a smooth logical flow, shows you are an organized person in your life. So, you should be organizing your documents properly. Get your DAF analyzed by experts. Send your DAF here 

Interview Attire- 

your attire for the Interview should be as per your comfort and following formal attire code. 

Always keep in mind that the UPSC CSE Interview panel never judges you on how expensive your cloths are… rather they focus on – how tidy and confident you are in your attire. 

Develop a Patient and Composed Behavior – 

Start with a few good books, these books are going to develop a good reading habit and a patient reading develops a composed behavior. Work on your nonverbal skills, so that you can show a good gesture and posture (Walking & sitting).

Attend Mock Interviews – 

Try to attend more and more IAS Mock Interviews, always go for a diverse panel, the real UPSC Interviews are consist of various diverse panel members not only retired IAS IPS officers, there you can find subject experts, Professors and Officers from various fields of expertise. 

 Last but not the least… Be Yourself!!

EDEN IAS Interview Guidance Program in with DICS has come up with the most Diverse Panel. Register here: 

In New Delhi there are many IAS Coaching institutions where they organize Mock Interview. EDEN IAS holds a great experience in this field, as during the interview of 2020 there were many aspirants who got selected and they got same score in their UPSC Interview what they got in EDEN IAS Mock Interview, there are many toppers like Vaishali Jain UPSC CSE Rank 21, Pulkit Singh UPSC CSE Rank 26, Sandhi Jain UPSC CSE Rank 329, Ayushi Jain UPSC CSE Rank 85, Apurva Tripathi UPSC CSE Rank 68, Jayant Singh Rathore UPSC CSE Rank 59.

How to revise the whole syllabus of prelims in 3-4 months.

With an OCEAN like syllabus to prepare, aspirants often feel overwhelmed during the last few months. But a well-planned strategy can help the aspirants in not just revising but also remembering the facts in these last few months. All aspirants have their own approach of preparing but only the well analysed and well-planned strategy help an aspirant to sail through the exam for preparation crash course for upsc prelims 2022

All the best!

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