Fau-G game – New Games to Watch in the New Year

Fau-G game is set to be the most downloaded mobile game in India this year. The game is inspired by the popular PC game “The Fall” and the Xbox game titled Defense Force: Reflex. United Forces and Fearless are an upcoming browser-based online multiplayer tactical action game being developed by Bengaluru based on cores. The game has already registered the largest number of pre-registrations within less than 24 hours at the Play Store in India.

January is the fourteenth anniversary of the establishment of Play-Tactics. Bengaluru-based Play-Tactics develops the Fau-g game because of the desire for an addictive multiplayer tactical game that is neither expensive nor time consuming. Most of the games available at the Play Store are multiplayer browser games. A focus on economy simulation has also been incorporated into the design of the Fau-g game. With a focus on leveling up the players, rather than acquiring rare items or leveling through real-life activities, the focus of the game is on realism and not extraneous details.

In the teaser, it is evident that the game will have strong military themes. It is evident from the look of the avatar and the colors used that the game will use military iconography and equipment. The game is themed on the Republic of Philippines and the battles involved in the game are all in reference to the armed forces of the Philippines. The Fau-g game will also have heavy martial arts and bodybuilder themes.

Following the launch of the Fau-g and the Republic of Philippines, there are plans for further Indian themes. A press release in January indicated that the game would incorporate Indian weapons and gear. Plans for the future include a wide range of gear and weaponry from Indian origin and introduced to the Philippines. These could include AK-47s, classic Remingtons, Chinese weapons, RPGs and other similar arms. This would be an exciting addition to the growing number of Indian themed video games available for the game console.

Two other ncore_games upcoming for next February are “The Towering Legends” and “The Sunrise.” Both of these intriguing games feature gamers going up and down the side of tall buildings. The Towering Legends will place players in scenes from ancient times and will include a large number of platforms which will be your means of climbing up to the top of a large building. The Sun Rise will take place in present day Manila and will feature real time footage taken from the Philippines Daily Post of the sunrise and sunset.

While the reveal of these two games was mainly for a western audience, they have already drawn a great deal of popularity in the east. The popularity gained by these two games will prove that there is a great demand for Indian-themed games in the gaming world. With the help of the internet this trend will continue to grow and will find an audience all over the world.

If we have not yet noticed, the upcoming Fau-g game launches in January has coincided with the release of another popular game in the Philippines called “A Bug’s Life.” This game has already proven popular in the Philippines and is just waiting for its international release date. Its predecessor, the bug buster game, released in 2021, became one of the most downloaded games on Facebook and it had a rating of 10 million downloads.

If “The Towering Legends” and “The Sun Rise” are any indication of how well the Fau-g game is doing in the Philippines, then we can only expect great things for the galwan valley adventure game. So what are you waiting for? Download the game now and join the adventure as it unfolds before your eyes. I am sure you will love playing the game as much as I do. Click the link below if you want to see my review of the game and where to download it.

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