Prairie Knights Casino – One of the Best Casinos in the World

Prairie Knights Casino and Resort has been operating in North and South Dakota since 1974. It has been a long-established landmark for many North and South Dakota tourists and people from out of state. The building is two stories high, one floor and three stories, with a roof that extends six feet above ground level. There are almost nine hundred tables and the venue accommodates over two hundred players at any given time.

The structure was designed by architecturally challenging local resident Peter Earlie. He studied architecture in Europe and designed several buildings including the City Arts Center in Manchester, New York City. There were two other buildings designed by him including the John Hancock Tower. The City Arts Center at the Prairie Knights Casino is open to the public for performances, lectures and concerts. The main casino is the place for games of chance, video poker, and craps. The hotel portion has the normal amenities you would expect and the suites have a more personal service to welcome your guest.

There are many dining options to satisfy all your taste buds as well as complete with a full service bar. Guests can sit at the comfortable chairs or on the sofas within the waiting area. There are separate areas for playing card games and other gaming options. The prairie club offers five restaurants to choose from that specialize in southwestern cuisine. The rooms each offer their own unique flair to complement your special occasion.

The casino offers two restaurants to cater to the needs of your guests. The first one is called the Copperhead Restaurant where guests can enjoy a variety of Mexican dishes as well as one of the most popular Mexican drinks, horchata. The second restaurant is called the Azul de Patagonia. This is a popular Latin American buffet-style restaurant that serves up healthy entrees as well as their famous nachos and corn dogs. As you can see there are many choices for all types of food and guests do not have to leave the property.

The hotel itself overlooks a beautiful setting with the prairie sunset splashing against the buildings and the landscape. Guests have access to an 18-hole championship golf course as well as tennis and badminton courts. There is ample parking available for guests as well as a complimentary hot breakfast included with your stay. All inclusive accommodations are provided for this all in one establishment. The amenities and services in this wonderful facility are truly first rate.

The prairie gaming experience has grown in recent years and it is the best one in the city. Guests are never short on options when it comes to entertainment. Whether you are looking for slot machines, craps, or roulette there is something for everyone in the group. In addition, each guest is offered complimentary entrance into the casino for a convenient way to start gambling.

The main casino floor is fashioned in the same elegant style as the hotel and offers a fantastic view of the prairie sunset. The other main casino building, known simply as the ‘Golden Stick‘ features a more contemporary feel with clean lines and comfortable seating. While here guests are offered the chance to dine at one of the restaurant’s numerous dining options as well as a bar. The restaurant is one of the best in the town and is continually ranked in the top twenty restaurants in the United States. It has won awards for both design and service.

If you are looking for a great place to gamble you should definitely check out the Prairie Knights Casino. This spectacular venue offers guests quality time while they wait for the game to begin. They also offer guests the same quality of service that they receive inside the main building. It’s just a great addition to the area and it really showcases the talent of the town and the true art of prairie hospitality. This venue truly deserves its title as one of the best casinos in the world.

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