What Does a Desktop Support Technician Do?

Professional desktop computer experts can sell IT ninjas at any organization; Their work ranges from installing, inspecting, repairing, storing, and upgrading math, parts, and hardware to ensuring optimal performance in the workplace. desktop support technician

Your job description also includes accurate and quick answers to problems (in person or through electronic communication, such as by phone or email).

He oversees the installation of desktops and assists all staff and stakeholders in resolving information technology applications and requests.

The work of the desktop operator also includes system updates and patches to solve all company software problems.

Its functions also include monitoring system settings as well as maintaining service status.

According to his job description, he is responsible for implementing the planning process and the recovery work.

The on-board support provider can use the phone or in person to meet customer needs at the same time, ensuring customer satisfaction with unparalleled service.


This is an example of a real-world computing technology project that represents the tasks that can be performed in their work.

  • Manage event sequences, troubleshooting laptops and desktops hardware and software, prioritize workflow settings and default SLA.
  • Manage and solve network problems with TCP / IP
  • Design and manage a comprehensive VOIP telephone exchange service for high quality corporate clients.
  • Make sure users use Internet and Internet access correctly and control their Internet bandwidth requirements.
  • High-performance system repair, advanced virus cleaning, data transfer and system backup.
  • Manage on-premises backup, restore, and disaster recovery plans for key enterprise database servers and file services to ensure their recovery.
  • Use the ticket sales system to provide users with telephone, email and web site support for hardware and software.
  • Experience the Linux operating system, create hardware, modify and delete user accounts with a single request.
  • Perform troubleshooting and certain repairs with printers and other equipment.
  • Make sure the hardware settings of your wireless network are using different types of wireless hardware.
  • Installation, configuration, and configuration of computer hardware, operating systems, network settings, and software
  • Install and repair minor hardware, software, or hardware patches after installation or installation.
  • Submit your WINTER on the CITRIX platform.
  • Provide user support for iPad, iPhone and Android users.
  • Enable this for end users for DNS troubleshooting, networking, password recovery and other desktop issues.

Requirements for desktop support technician:

  • A good BA degree is a must.
  • Work experience as a desktop or compatible server.
  • All knowledge of TeamViewer.
  • Skills required for personal and remote IT assistance.
  • Good installation, testing, upgrade and recovery options.
  • The vertical and horizontal view is beautiful.
  • Time management expert.
  • Clear text and verbal messages.
  • Patience, flexibility and support.

Requirements – Skills, skills and knowledge – The work of a desktop support technician:

Employers who want to work as a desktop support technician in their company expect those who are interested in the job to have some talent, skills, knowledge, experience, and learning abilities to qualify for interview.

The following are some of the most important things an employer needs for a computer assistant level that you must do if you are looking for work:

  • Previous experience in IT services, preferably four years or more
  • Previous work experience and service jobs are an advantage
  • Minimum OND in computer science, information technology or related subjects
  • Excellent information technology knowledge on hardware, software, desktops, laptops and mobile phones
  • Knowledge of Microsoft’s centralized configuration management system, 
  • knowledge of desktop software, encryption software and other useful software developed by VMWare
  • Knowledge of Windows server, active registration, Microsoft Exchange server, TCP / IP, DNS and DHCP is required.
  • Good communication skills both orally and in writing
  • Can meet new people and start a conversation
  • Efficient multitasking and working in a fast-paced environment.

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