Why Custom Presentation Boxes do are Used?

Custom Presentation Boxes Wholesale

Custom presentation boxes – Display the product effectively and highlight the features of products retailer use custom presentation boxes. It gives recognition to your products and catches the demographic buyers. When the customers recognize your packing without reading your brand’s name, it means you succeed in your goals.

Custom boxes are not about printing the logo and tagline on cases. But it also makes the cases informative to print issue or expiry date, ingredients, and web address. Through this information, we can know about your company in detail. Many people like to use such boxes to give gifts to others. They like to decorate the case with additional methods. We offer our best process of embellishment. Through embellishment, we ornament cases with a ribbon bow, beads, glitter stars, and 3D images that give a luxurious look.

Customization takes part to differentiate the product in the market that is full of competitors. Our designers customize your presentation boxes so that people remember them and become loyal consumers. It boosts the perceived value and impact on a product sale.

Easy-going Material of Boxes

As human beings, it’s our ethical duty to protect our environment from toxic factors. We manufacture custom Presentation boxes with climate-friendly materials alike cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft. You can see the advantages of climate-friendly packing that are given below.

Bring down the Carbon Footprint

It is produced by waste material that reduces the sources of consumption.

Easy Scrapping

Cardboard can dispose of easily, and you can use it seven times without losing its features.

Ecological Matter

It is made with wood pulp and manufactured with no chemicals.

Multi-skilled and Flexible

 After getting the delivery, a cardboard carton is used to pack the household things for many other purposes. 

Turn down the Shipping Cost

It reduces the raw amount and manufacturing cost that reduce the shipping cost.

Great for Embellishment 

It is a great material that bears all printing methods, and its output result is marvelous.

Safety of Products

The main feature of this material is its sustainability. It bears the heavyweight and reduces the broken risk during traveling.

Modern Methodology of Printing

Printing amplifies the quality, appearance, and image of the product boxes. You can also avail our new remarkable processes to create an artistic look, for example, racking-up, sculptured, debus, PVS sheet, UV spot, aqueous sheet, perforation, and insertion. We provide a list of printing with detail, so our clients choose it according to their needs.

Intaglio Printing 

It is flexible printing. Its main benefit is that it can apply to various materials like cardboard, rigid, corrugated, and Kraft.

Planography Printing   

It is modern and computerized printing. It gives to material full color with photographic quality images.

Mono Printing 

It is popular printing among many industries. It creates vivid colors and also recreates a design many times.

Press Printing

It is the easiest way of printing because it didn’t require a setup for it. It can use at home too. It is used for large laser print.

Various Coating and their Purposes

Our company provides a different coating for custom presentation boxes to make the cases durable and elegant. The business people invest in box customization to get profit in return. That’s why we offer them handy coating, for example.

Aqueous Coating

It is a fast, clear, and water-based coating applied to secure the printing. Aqueous coating is used on packaging boxes, business cards, catalog covers, brochures, and posters. 

UV Sheet

We use ultraviolet light to dry the UV coating. It brings the customer’s eyes to the logo due to its shining.

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Custom Boxes Zone has a variety of custom presentation boxes like bottom closure, CD cover, fold and assemble, figure and pattern, rectangular, showcase exhibit, one-slab, two-slab box, tray box, sleeve box, display, Chinese take-out, and top closure. For more queries, you can contact on our helpline.


Custom Boxes Zone wants to customers be happy with its excellent services. We provide custom presentation boxes for give-away and other occasions like weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Eid, etc. The company is designing its remarkable styling boxes like bottom closure, CD cover, fold and assemble, figure and pattern, rectangular, showcase exhibit, one-slab, two-slab box, tray box, sleeve box, display, Chinese take-out, and top closure.

We take all possible steps to save our environment, and our first step is to use climate-friendly material for custom boxes. The climate material is cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft. Custom boxes are available in elegant shapes and customized sizes. We come with handy methods such as Intaglio printing, planography printing, Mono printing, press, and 3D printing. You can receive our fabulous additional features by contacting our staff. Our staff 24/7 is at hand on your call. The dispatch timing is 15 to 20 days.

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